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L'Arc-en-Ciel_AWAKE ( 2005 )


In 2005, the band released various singles, including "Killing Me", "New World", and "Jojoushi". These were later featured on their latest album, Awake, which was released on June 22 with twelve tracks, including "Lost Heaven", the closing theme of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. The band's single, "Link", released on July 20, 2005, was also featured in the movie as the opening theme, it wasn't until recently the song appeared in the album Kiss.
In August of 2005, the band went on their Awake tour, which was limited to Japan. The tour featured displays of anti-war sentiment, reflecting similar lyrics of the songs of the album. A particularly memorable moment was the unfurling of a giant white flag during "Neo Universe". The flag was decorated with the universal symbol for peace.[citation needed] Other memorable moments included a suspended woman and acrobatics during the performance of "Ophelia"

Hyde's costuming for the concerts raised controversy among fans, and proved to be much removed from L'Arc-en-Ciel's earlier visual kei days. The neo-Nazi uniform and the papal robes during the performance of "Revelation" were blatant social commentaries not seen before in the band's concerts.[citation needed]
The Japanese Awake tour was followed by the Asia Live 2005 tour, with performances in Seoul and Shanghai, closing with concerts in Japan. Japan's two concerts took place at the Tokyo Dome.

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